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A Brief Timeline
Important Events in the History of the Library of National University of Tainan
Before 1962 In earlier years, the library was often relocated. It had in different times been established in the classrooms of Red Hall, Hsi-Chen Hall (old site), and the Student Activities Center . Finally, an independent library building was completed in 1962.
1962 In 1962, the institution was reformed as the "Provincial Specialist Normal School of Tainan". The library was placed under the supervision of Office of Academic Affairs. A director was assigned to coordinate the general library affairs. Several assistants and staff members were also hired for the library management.
1987 The school was reformed as "Provincial Normal College of Tainan". The library becomes a first-level administrative unit. A curator was assigned to coordinate the general library affairs. Furthermore, four divisions were established for the library business of acquisition, cataloguing, reader services and information resources, and collections. Each headed by a coordinator and several staff members. Due to the vast amount of materials, the institution commissioned the government’s Bureau of Housing and Development to design and construct a new suitable site. The new facility and subsequent transferring procedures would be completed in April, 1992.
1992 Automation of library services is proposed. Through much evaluation, the library decides to acquire the DYNIX system as the choice for automation platform.
1993 An information systems division was established for the matters of developing and maintaining the automated library system.
A full-time director was assigned to the system division.
A full-time director was assigned to the cataloguing division.
The other three directors were held by faculty as part-time positions.
1995 A full-time director was assigned to the division of reader services and information resources.
1998 Acquirement of web servers, and starts development of web services to offer library resources online via the WWW.
2002 Installation of wireless internet access in the library was completed in December.
2003 The multimedia and instructional-resource centers were established in March. Rongyu branch library was established in December.
2004 Subscriptions for E-newspapers (and databases) placed. Gradual termination of traditional methods for cataloging news archives in favor of limited storage space.
2005 The alumni book withdrawals change from cash pledges to paid membership basis.
2006 The digitalization of old Japanese books.
The library procures new automated system—HORIZON officially online.
Specialty materials on “The Literature and History Information of Taiwan” subject is established.
The self-service borrowing machine is installed to allow readers to borrow books by themselves.
2007 The B1 of the library is open to reader access, providing more materials and study space.
Online catalog of library materials officially in use.
“The Digital Book Reservation Museum of Bo Yang” website is established.
2009 Reader services and archive collection divisions merged in to new reader services division.

The Library Plan
The library is currently located in the western Administration & Library Building , occupying 1373 square meters, with floors spanning B1 to 5F.
Floor Disposition
B1 1F 2F 3F 4F 5F
Curator Office Main Entrance Microfilm Room Chinese Archives Chinese Archives Education Information Centre and Multimedia Services
Acquisition and Cataloging Section Series Section Reference Books Study Rooms Large-Sized Books Archives  
System Information Section Reader Servies Section Study Rooms Conference Rooms Conference Rooms
English Archives (Dewey Decimal Format) Lockers Conference Rooms Online Search Terminals Online Search System
Meeting Room Checkout Counter Online Search Terminals    
  Current Periodicals Chinese Archives
Photocopy Services  
Back newspaper Storage
Bound Chinese Journals
Newspaper Reading Area
New Books Display
Rongyu Campus Branch Library
Established checkout service, reading areas (56 seats), multimedia archives (4 viewing terminals), archive indexes, journal archives and book storages for use of students and faculty at the Rongyu Campus.

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