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Rules for Borrowing:
  1. NTU faculty, staff and students can use university ID card or library borrower card to borrow books from the library.
  2. Applying for Library Cards:
    1. Faculty with valid NUTN ID Card:
    2. Faculty with a valid NUTN ID card can borrow books from the NUTN library without further application of library cards. If having no ID card, the cost for the library card application is NT$200.
    3. Students:
    4. Students can borrow books with their student ID cards.
    5. Retiree/Alumni/Part-time Student--
    6. -Retirees: Please provide your certificate of retirement and one recent photo to apply for the card.
      -Alumni: Please provide your diploma with one recent photo and NT$1000 processing fee (the application is valid for 2 years).
      -Part-time Students: The application fee is NT$1500.
    7. Visitors--
    8. -Members from other libraries with inter-library permissions: Please apply for a loan according to the interlibrary regulations.
      -Faculty of the schools which have career development cooperation with our school: Make an application with one's service card.
      -Practice guidance teacher of certain schools: Apply with related certificates during the period of student guidance.
      If the library card is lost, the fee is NT$200 for a new card.
  3. Loan Privileges:
  4. After the loan period of 30 days, the borrower may apply for an extended loan time twice, if no reservations of the material have been made by others; teaching staff and graduate students may apply for extended loan periods three times.
    Statu Total No. of Items Loan Period (days)
    Teaching Staff /Graduate Students 30 30
    Students 20 30
    Retiree/Alumni/Part-time Students 10 30
  5. If one takes books out of the library without following loan procedures, one will be severely punished, punishment including and not limited to prohibit from borrowing books or an imposed fine.
  6. Replacement for damaged or lost books is processed according to library regulations and should be approved by librarians.
  7. If returning books late, one will not be imposed a fine in 3 days leeway period; beyond this extended date, each book will be fined NT$5 per day.

Access to NUTN Library:
  1. The primary function of the NUTN Library is to serve the teaching, research and scholarly activities of faculty, staff and students. The university also allows all visitors with research need to use the library's collections, provided such use does not conflict with its primary function to serve members of the NUTN community.
  2. Students/ Faculty/ Staff of NUTN: Members of the university and of affiliated institutions will be asked to show identification upon entering the library. The spouses and the lineal relatives of faculty members above 12 years of age may enter the library with a library card for family dependants.
  3. Visitors: Visitors without affiliations of mentioned above of 18 years or older can apply for a temporary library card with one's ID card, driver's license, or other personal identification with a photograph.
  4. Library Hours: Open hours are change according to school days, vacations, and public holidays; changes of service hours will be announced.
  5. Important Reminders:
    1. Entrance to the library:
    2. Users should enter with one's own card, please do not borrow another person's identification to get in; food, drinks, pets, or any electronics requiring a power socket are prohibited except for laptop PCs and electronic dictionaries.
    3. Reading in the library:
    4. One should keep voices down when reading or discussing something with others; if causing damage to the public equipments or taking them out without permission, one will be imposed a fine and punished severely; computers are for the purpose of searching for books or archives of the library, any other use such as surfing the Internet or editing documents is prohibited. Please switch off your mobile phones or switch it to silent mode, usage of phones are restricted to designated areas in the library. The NUTN library takes no responsibility for the loss of possessions left unattended in the library.

Services and managements of Digital Medium Center:
  1. Service Items: Using or borrowing the multimedia archives; Using the personal multimedia facilities; Using the lecture theater or group viewing room.
  2. Applying for use of facilities: Users can go to the website: 廳室預約系統 to make an appointment for the lecture theater or group viewing room. Personal audio-visual facilities can be accessed with the library card. Data can be loaned for up to 7 days; if the user does not return it in the time-limit, one will be imposed a fine. The lecture theater cannot be borrowed for groups less than 25 people; the group viewing room can’t be borrowed for groups less than 5 people.

Rules for using the compact disc and lithography database:
  1. Users should call (06)2113111-255 to make an appointment beforehand, each appointment is effective for one hour of use of the material. All compact discs and lithography data may not be taken out of the library.
  2. The time for using the facilities: Mon.~Fri.: 8:00AM~12:00PM; 1:30~5:30PM Facilities are unavailable on weekends and public holidays.
  3. The library offers the use of laser printers should users need to copy the data from the compact disc database.

Replacement of lost/damaged materials:
  1. Users should complete the replacement procedure within the time-limit; otherwise, users have to pay an overdue fine in addition to the replacement fee of the book.
  2. Book replacement is processed according to library regulations and should be approved by librarians.

Access of Teaching Staff Limited Reference Books:
    Teaching staff requiring the use of said material should apply to the library two weeks prior to the desired access date. Requested materials will be accessible at corresponding reading counters, access is limited to in library user only. Each loan is effective for two hours of use; given if no others require usage of the materials, the reader may continue to use the material. Depending on the situation, the reader may apply to take out the said material. The loan procedure must be completed half an hour before the closing time, the borrowed material must be returned within half an hour of the library opening the next day.

Library Donations:
    Allowed donation materials to the Library include but not limited to paperbacks, non-book materials and electronic multimedia databases. The donated material must be in good condition and has circulation value, to further the services of our library. With the donator’s permission, the name of the donator or donating institution will be labeled on the donated materials. Accepted donations are also announced via the NUTN web site. Certificates of gratitude are awarded for individual donations of value NT$50000 or group donations valuing above NT$100000.

Regulations of Part-time Service in the Library:
    Should the library deem necessary, the library will hire students to serve part-time. Students working part-time must come to work time, should the student be unable to come work, he/she should contact the supervisor beforehand. During work, the student may not bring books or bags to their station. Students may not read or attend to private matters during their working hours. Should the student need to take leave, they should report to their supervisor. Students also may not receive any visitors or calls during work, should circumstance arise they must get permission from their supervisor. Wages for part-time work are as stated in the NUTN regulations.

Use of Research Rooms:
    The purpose of the research rooms is for teachers and graduates of NUTN to do researches. Applications for use of this facility may be done online, each application is valid for one week use of a research; during which the applicant may not apply for another room. Use of the facility may be extended after expiration if no one has applied for a reservation; reservations may be made in advance for up to a week. Keys to the room must be returned everyday after use, remember to lock the windows and turn off the lights when leaving. Journals, reference books and newspapers may not to brought in to the research rooms.

Use of Discussion Room:
    Discussion rooms are open for use to the faculty and teaching staff. At least three people are required to apply for the use of this facility, to a maximum of ten people. Each application is valid for two hours of use, which may be extended if no one else has applied for the use of this facility; but the use of the facility may not go over the day. Please cancel your appointment if your are unable to use the room in the applied time.

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