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Organization Chart
Title Name Role Ext.
Director of the Library Shih-Heng Kao Oversees library affairs 250
Head of Reader Services Division Kwai-Ling Lu Oversees review and collection 260
Assistants Chia-Ying Tsai Management of non-book materials
Reference services
Management of micro-film room
Processing of promotion activities
Arrangement of activities during library week
Calling of meetings regarding library affairs
Assistants Chun-Lan Ke Maintenance of book archives
Maintenance of security systems
Maintenance of reader information archives
Management of alumni services
Update of new student information
Management of part-time student schedules
Management of staff schedules
Signing of inter-library contracts and affairs
Head of Acquisition and Cataloguing Division Li-Fang Lin Overseeing acquisition and cataloguing matters 270
Assistants Ying-Fen Syu Acquirement and acquisition of books
Notification and approval of books
Book cataloguing
Processing of donations
Categorization and indexing of Chinese and English books and multimedia
Maintenance and management of indexes
Acquisition and archiving of Chinese and English materials
Assistants 272
Head of Journal Division Ling-Ling Li Acquisition and archiving of Chinese and English materials
Processing of inter-library related affairs
Archiving of newspapers
Archiving of booklets
Head of Information Systems Division Jia-Sheng Hu Overseeing information systems 295
Assistants Yu-Hong Kao Management and planning of library automated systems
Maintenance and support of various IT systems of the library
Management of CD archives and databases
TAnet resource services
Rong-Yu Campus Branch Library
Shih-Chun Chang Maintenance of archives
Maintenance of curfew and security systems
Indexing of new materials
Scheduling of part-time student services
Archiving of news materials
Sanitation of the branch library

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